In How To Make A Showreel From Scratch

In this episode of our How To Make a Showreel From Scratch series I show some of the basic lighting techniques. We also discuss the most important principal; the inverse square law.

Understanding the basics and with a little practice, you will be able create a good looking close up that is essential to create a great showreel scene from scratch.

At first, we will discuss the different type of lights based on what they are used for. This includes key light, fill light, backlight, rim light, background light and ambient light. As of lighting techniques, I will show you the basic 3 point lighting and cove lighting that you can use if you have plenty of lights. I will also show split lighting, butterfly lighting, Rembrandt lighting and back lighting that you can use if you only have 1 light.

Understanding the inverse square law will allow you a lot better control illuminating the background relative to the subject in 1 light set ups.