Showreel From Scratch – Episode 4: Filming Outdoors

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Welcome to the next chapter in our ongoing “How To Make a Showreel From Scratch” series. In this episode, we’re stepping outdoors to explore the art of filming in different outdoor light conditions. Whether you’re working under the open sky on a cloudy day, basking in full sunshine, or navigating the ever-changing mix of both, we’ve got you covered with expert guidance on achieving the best results.

Mastering Outdoor Light Conditions:

Outdoor filming brings a dynamic range of lighting challenges, each with its own unique charm and complexity. We’ll break down the three primary types of outdoor light conditions:

  1. Full Cloudy: When the sky is overcast, you’ll learn how to make the most of diffused light. We’ll delve into the equipment and techniques that can help you capture striking footage even in these less harsh conditions.
  2. Full Sunny: Bright and sunny days offer vibrant and dynamic lighting. We’ll provide insights into working with natural sunlight and reveal methods to harness this intensity for your showreel scenes.
  3. Mixed Conditions: The most unpredictable scenario involves a blend of sun and clouds. We’ll guide you on adapting to rapidly changing lighting conditions, ensuring your footage remains consistent and visually appealing.

Choosing the Right Equipment:

We’ll also discuss the equipment best suited for outdoor filming in varying conditions. From the right cameras and lenses to filters and accessories, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to capture the perfect shot, no matter the weather.

For more information on choosing the right locations for your showreel scenes, be sure to check out our supplementary video here. Selecting the right locations can significantly impact the visual narrative of your showreel.

With the insights and techniques shared in this episode, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the great outdoors and create stunning showreel from scratch that showcase your talent effectively.

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