Showreel From Scratch – Episode 1: Equipment

 In How To Make A Showreel From Scratch

Welcome to our new video series where we show how to create a showreel from scratch.

In the How To Get Better Showreels series we discussed a lot of useful tips and tricks from the very basics to how to get inspiration for your scene, to how to split the cost, to how to get locations, to how to do some basic production design. So basically you can now have everything prepared, all you need now is to actually film and edit the scenes.

In this new series we will discuss the step by step procedure of filming and editing showreel scene. Topics include: essential gear, how to film a scene indoors and outdoors, how to edit a scene, how to find and apply music and some more advanced film-making techniques. In this first episode we will discuss the essential equipment you need to film a showreel scene. Please note, that this series is not going to be an in-depth film-making training. Therefore if you are interested in becoming a film-maker, I would advise to check out these channels:

Film Riot:

Cinematography Database:

Indy Mogul:

Video Copilot:


Please note, that I only recommend making a showreel from scratch on your own as a very last resort. This series can help you to create a better looking showreel material, however, it is not going to replace the years of experience that a professional film crew can provide.