Extras in Made from Scratch Showreel Scenes

 In How To Get Better Showreels

In the last part of the production value topic we are discussing extras in made from scratch showreel scenes.

While most of the made from scratch showreel scenes are designed to suit a one or two character scenario, when it comes to set a scene in a public place like bar or restaurant, it does not really make sense to have only two people in the entire place. Unless it sets after opening hours and it is quite clear from the scenario.

But even if the scenario doesn’t necessarily require any extras, it still could be good to have some. Purely because of production value and to make a difference from the majority of the made from scratch showreel scenes. And since having extras or more than two characters in a made from scratch showreel scene is extremely rare, if you put a scene like this in your showreel, it is very unlikely that anyone would ever realise that it is not from a real production. And the good news is that getting extras for a showreel scene is actually pretty easy.

Watch this video to find out more about extras.