Extras in Made from Scratch Showreel Scenes

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Welcome to the final instalment of our discussion on production value in made-from-scratch showreel scenes. In this segment, we’ll delve into the role of extras and their significance in enhancing the authenticity and impact of your scenes.

While most made-from-scratch showreel scenes are tailored for one or two characters, there are instances where your storyline necessitates a public setting, such as a bustling bar or restaurant. In such scenarios, it wouldn’t make sense to have only two individuals occupying the entire space, unless the plot explicitly states it’s after opening hours or has a clear rationale.

Even when your narrative doesn’t explicitly require extras, there’s a compelling argument for their inclusion. Extras can elevate your scene’s production value and set it apart from the majority of made-from-scratch showreels. Importantly, featuring extras or more than two characters in a showreel scene is exceedingly rare. Therefore, if you incorporate such a scene into your showreel, it’s highly unlikely that viewers will discern it from a professional production. The good news is that securing extras for your scenes is a relatively straightforward process.

Why Extras Matter:

In this episode, we’ll explore the significance of extras in adding depth and authenticity to your showreel scenes. We’ll discuss the positive impact extras can have on the audience’s perception of your acting abilities and the overall quality of your showreel.

How to Get Extras:

We’ll also provide practical guidance on where and how to find extras for your showreel scenes. Whether it’s through friends, casting platforms, or local communities, we’ll equip you with the tools to successfully recruit extras and elevate your showreel’s production value.

Watch this video to gain a comprehensive understanding of the role of extras in your showreel scenes and learn how to effectively incorporate them into your productions.