How To Save 50%

 In How To Get Better Showreels

Creating a showreel scene from scratch is not easy and it requires countless working hours of a team of professionals.

Firstly, the script needs to be written by a script writer. Then the scene has to be filmed with a DP and dedicated sound recordist. Finally in post production there is selecting,merging, assembling, precision editing, cropping, colour correcting, grading and sound design that sometimes also requires foley and music. Then there are additional operational costs, such as marketing, equipment, subscriptions… etc. Considering all this we can see that getting a showreel scene for a few hundred pounds is actually a bargain.

However, for many struggling artists it is still not something that they could easily afford. Especially if we think all other necessary expenses such as headshots, workshops, subscriptions… etc. Luckily, having showreel scenes made from scratch is one of those very few things where you can easily save at least 50% of the displayed prices of any showreel company that charges per scene, not per actor.

In this video I am giving you some great tips on how to do it.