How Many Showreels You Need?

 In How To Get Better Showreels

In this video of our How To Get Better Showreel series we discuss the benefits of having multiple showreels. It not a good idea to mix everything together into 1 showreel. It is a lot better to have more, specific showreels to showcase specific skills, genres and characters. When there is a casting for a specific role, they are looking for a person with the skill set that is required for that specific role.

THERE IS TYPE CASTING. It`s might be sad because you, as an actor want to play everything and you wan to show that you can play everything, but unfortunately, this is not how it works. So it is super important to be aware of your cast type and what you can do the best and go from there.

It is a lot better to apply for a role with a 1-1.5 minutes 2 scene showreel where in both two scenes you play similar characters to the desired role, than with a 3 minutes, 5 scenes showreel that starts with 4 completely irrelevant scene. Casting directors are not interested how well you can do everything , they are interested in how well you can do that 1 specific thing they`re looking for. If you are able to make a statement with your showreel about who you are, and clearly determine your cast type, casting directors will absolutely love you for it.