How to Edit Your Own Showreel

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Save some money by editing your own showreel. Whether you have experience in video editing or not, I guarantee you that you can edit an acting showreel yourself following this step-by-step method.

Why? Well, here is a bit of a secret: editing acting showreels is the easiest, most straightforward editing job ever. What makes it difficult is to collecting the footage deciding which bits to use and in what order. BUT! These are the things YOU have to do, rather than ask your editor to do so. Otherwise, you push several hours of extra work to the editor, completely unnecessarily, what will result in a 3 figures bill at the end.

On the other hand, if you do all the hard bit by getting everything ready to edit, the actual assembly procedure is so simple, that you can easily do it yourself, should you have a device that can run an editing software. In this video I show you an easy, step-by-step method edit you own showreel.

Firstly, I will show you how to create the info screen. That displays your headshot, name, spotlight pin and either your, or your agent`s contact info. Then I will show you the easiest way to quickly assemble the best bits of your acting work, using nice and smooth transitions in between each clip. I will show you how to cut out bits that should not be in your showreel. These are the bits that are focusing on an other actor rather than you. Finally how to export it to the most commonly used mp4 format, ready to upload to all social media and casting directory sites.

Once you learn how to edit your own showreel, you can update it as frequently as you want. Furthermore, you can also create showreels specifically for certain castings. All these without having to pay loads of money to showreel editors each time.

As an inspiration, you can watch some of the showreels we edited recently for our clients here: