How to get Footage

 In How To Get Better Showreels

In this video of our How to get Better Showreel series I am giving some advice about how to get footage for showreels.

There are two main ways how to get footage for your showreel. The first and more ideal option is having real acting jobs that provides you with the right material. Even in this case there are still some important rules to follow in order to avoid chasing directors and producers for footage. There are so many complaints from actors who did an acting job (sometimes for free) and then they have not received the footage to use in their showreel. You can avoid that by knowing who you are working for and having written agreement that clearly states all these details.

The other option, if you do not have any footage yet is to create some. You can hire a professional crew, you can chose to go with a bit less experienced team, or you can either make it yourself. There are pros and cons for all options which we will discuss in this video.