The Basics

 In How To Get Better Showreels

Hello and welcome to our first episode of our How to get Better Showreel series.

In this video we will discuss the very basics, such as what is a showreel, why do you need one and of course what makes a good showreel. That includes ideal length, DO`s and DONT`s, what to put in your showreel and what is better to avoid.

In the past 7 years, I have seen the same reoccurring questions from actors about showreels and seen issues and mistakes actors keep doing when it comes to showreel. Whether it is the edited reel, or a showreel scene, there are some basic rules that need to be followed.

What makes a good showreel? How a professional showreel starts?What is that sets everyone off when watching a showreel? What makes people stop watching it after a couple of seconds? In what order should I use my scenes? Can use a scene from a big show if I was only at the background? How many scenes should I put in my showreel and how long they should be? How about self-tapes in showreels? Is it a good idea to put everything in to one showreel? Knowing all these is the first step of improving your showreel and to have a better chance to get in the audition room.

Having a professional showreel makes a good first impression, and it is essential to be considered for any role. That is why it is vital to understand and follow the basic rules

So lean back and enjoy our first educational video.