We are a team of film-makers with over 6 years of industry experience. Individually we have worked on everything from feature films and TV shows to documentaries and music videos before we formed a showreel production company to provide high-quality, cinematic showreels for actors in London that look (and sound!!) as good as anything in your local multiplex.

We create showreels from scratch which means that we will write, shoot and edit bespoke scenes for you to showcase your strengths, or explore a different side to your acting talent.

The secret ingredient of our high-quality service lies beyond the years of experience we have. Our secret is passion. We are truly passionate about film-making and making showreels for actors. We never mind doing an extra shot to add more production value, spending the extra hours on post production to create a professional sound design or finding the right music for the scene, having an ADR session whenever necessary, or professionally colour grade the scene to get the cinematic look. We work very hard to make sure that all our clients get great value and nothing less, than perfect is good enough for us.

We are proud that former clients of ours have since gone on to appear in shows such as Eastenders, Born to Kill, Hollyoaks, Peaky Blinders, Casualty, and Doctors.


Filmdoc showreel production company's Director and Editor


Director / DP / Editor

Since producing his first award-winning short film at the age of 14, Pete has filmed and edited shorts, features, TV shows and hundreds of showreel scenes. His never-ending passion for film-making led him to founding Filmdock Productions in 2013, to provide the highest quality showreels for actors.

Filmdoc showreel production company's Sound Recordist


Sound recordist

After graduating in 2006, Esteban worked in a wide range of film and video projects across different sectors, including actor showreels, short films, promotional, corporate, TV and Creative film-making.

Filmdoc showreel production company's Production and Camera Assistant


Production and Camera Assistant

Working with Pete since the beginning, Edi has assisted on several projects, and always kept the cast and crew in high spirits. She is now working as a production and camera assistant on the group projects.

Filmdoc showreel production company's writer



After graduating with a first-class degree in film production in 2018 Matt has helped write more than a 100 showreel scenes for upcoming talents as well as continuing to expand his own portfolio of personal projects. These have included half a dozen short films as well as two feature screenplays.


As a first step, you will have a free, no-strings-attached consultation with our managing director, Pete, who will be your director and DP for the shooting. He will answer all your questions and discuss your needs, production dates, locations, supporting actors and the entire procedure more in detail. To move further and secure your date, you will need to complete your booking by paying the deposit.

Once the deposit is cleared, you will be contacted by our scriptwriter, Matt. He will discuss your casting range, characters, and scenes you would like to play. Matt will then write and deliver the scripts accordingly.

After that you will have further consultations with Pete via e-mail to discuss schedule, wardrobe, props and production design and to finalise every detail. Then you, along with all the other actors, will also be provided with a call sheet before the shooting to make sure everyone knows what is happening.

On the production day, it can take up to 4 hours to film a showreel scene, including set up and rehearsal. Ideally, it is more than enough time to film a showreel scene properly, so it might not actually going to take that long however, we like to allocate some extra time to make sure the scenes are lit properly and to avoid rushing ourselves. That creates a more relaxed, calm state of mind for all cast and crew that will eventually lead you getting a better showreel.

After filming, you will receive all your fully edited scenes ready to upload to Spotlight and all other casting directories within 24 hours with the 1 scene package, or within 1 week with the 2 or 3 scene packages.

Should you have any further question, check out our frequently asked question page, or contact us directly.



As a showreel company, we can do a lot to provide with great showreels for actors however, there are a couple of things that could be very useful for you to be aware of in order to make your showreel even better. Things from the very basic rules of showreels to how to edit your own showreel, to how to get it done from scratch for less than half price or even for completely free. The big DOs and DON`Ts. What are your options if you cannot afford to pay for a professional crew to film and edit your showreel? How to get amazing filming locations? How to add great production value to your scenes to make them look like they are from a bigger production? Pros and cons on ripping of scenes from actual productions. And many more.

Here we are posting these useful tips and tricks that we learnt in the past 7+ years producing showreels and also from a lot of researches we did in the area. Hopefully these would help you get a better showreel and also save you some money on the way.


Showreel editing from existing footage:



Showreel scenes from scratch:

1 scene


Deposit: £60

  • pre-shoot consultations
  • bespoke script written
  • filming (up to 4 hours on location)
  • editing
  • sound mixing and design
  • cinematic colour grading
  • 20% discount from showreel editing
  • 10% discount from headshots

2 scenes

(filmed on the same day)


Deposit: £110

  • pre-shoot consultations
  • 2 bespoke scripts written
  • filming (up to 8 hours on location)
  • editing
  • sound mixing and design
  • cinematic colour grading
  • 50% discount from showreel editing
  • 25% discount from headshots

3 scenes

(filmed on the same day)


Deposit: £150

  • pre-shoot consultations
  • 3 bespoke scripts written
  • filming (up to 12 hours on location)
  • editing
  • sound mixing and design
  • cinematic colour grading
  • FREE showreel editing
  • 40% discount from headshots
Prices are per scene, not per actor, so it can be cheaper by splitting the cost with a friend.
Are you a group of 4 or more? Please enquire about our special services and rates designed for groups.


If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, please contact us using the form below. We aim to respond to all inquiry within 24 working hours.